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People, Ideas, and Resources from the Book

Tony Robbins has been an inspiration of mine for quite a few years now. Here is a video I fell is relevant to this book. Enjoy.

Incantations are repetitious words used to heighten an effect. Example: “I have everything I need within me right now.” Say it with emotion, with movement and meaning!

Positive affirmations are verbal assertions that something exists or is true

 Example: “I am worthy, I am loved.”

Noah St. John created this process of ‘afformations.’


Yoga Sun Salutations as performed by Kristin McGee

The Tibetan 5 Rites

Law of Vibration as explained by Christie Marie Sheldon

This is an example of a rebounder, or mini-trampolene which is great for warming up the body, lymphatic flow, and gently elevating the heart rate.

Darren Hardey, Compound Effect

Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog!


Ramit Sethi, I will Teach You to Be Rich

Recommended blog platform.  This system also offers and affiliate option (this is my affiliate link).


Apps for Time/Life Management




Google Calendar

Universal Password Manager

Daily Agenda


Remember the Milk



Other people mentioned:
Mark Hoverson

Suze Ormon

Dave Ramsey

Dr. Phil

Les Brown

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