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Here are People, Products & Resources Mentioned in the Book.
Here are the Facebook Pages of Mark Hoverson & Danielle LaPorte & Jairek Robbins Who is Stewart Smalley? He’s a Saturday Night Live character from the early 1990’s played by Al Franken. He always had such wise words to say to himself.

Meet Bryan Reeves. He is a long-time friend and transformational coach. You can check out his website at Managing the Magic. Here is a hangout we had in August 2013.

  PRODUCTS: Upgraded-Coffee-   What is BulletProof Coffee? It’s the cleanest tasting, lowest toxin coffee I  have ever had. I purchase it online through Onnit. This site also has high-quality products for optimum human performance (5-HTP and Melatonin, Alpha Brain, and Shroom Tech are my favorites).



FITBIT I have a FITBIT. It is so dang cool. It tracks activity like steps and sleep. I especially love the sleep tracker – it tells you how many times at night you are restless or awake. Very enlightening!



WEBSITE MENTIONS: FitDay.com  has a perfectly fine free platform to track foods/activities StickK.com is an accountability website where negative financial incentives are used to help you achieve your goals. Lift is a cool app to help change habits and behaviors.


Although I did not mention Suha in the book – she has had an incredible impact on my life. Here is a Google Hangout we did back in August 2013. You can also reach her at Facebook Page


Meet Kristin McGee. I wanted to share this because she tells her story of thinking she was on one path – but ends up having her life go in a completely different direction. It is amazing what can happen when we listen to our inner-voice and take the leap! Her success has been highlighted in numerous magazines, tv shows, blogs, and more. You can find her at  http://kristinmcgee.com/

Here is a list of friends/family/business colleges I fully support:

When in Seattle, WA: Visit Excellence Health and Fitness (find Eli Roberts).

When in Boulder,CO: Seek out True Ambitions (find Shane Niemeyer).

When in Edina, MN: Visit Training Edge Sports (find Jon Howard – also offers an online program).

When in Santa Monica, CA: visit Alyssa Dazet, L.Ac. Dipl.O.M. A Licensed Acupuncturist and Physician of Chinese Medicine.

When in Grand Prairie, TX: head over to Crossfit Wolverines! (find Michael Bayer).

Meet Jeremy “The FitLife Entrepreneur” Bellotti << he’s always smiling! 

Behind the Sports podcast by Scott Reinen is a must for sports enthusiasts!

Adam Griffin over at Bodeefit can get you set up on meal plans and workouts.

 L3 Fitness designs fitness and wellness programs for busy moms (Jill Benbow knows what’s up!).

Stay motivated with Jake Thompson’s Compete Every Day line of sports apparel.

Check out what Claire Kelley is doing over at See Selfie (app coming soon).

Emeroy Bernardo uses his love and talent of dance to help others (book coming soon)

Fun Food Blogs : A Day in the Bite (by Alexis Avila) and Beyond the Peel (by France & Joshua).

Amanda Pennino is helping other make great changes as a coach with BeachBody.

Check out how Melinda Curle found a natural way to become seizure and medication free.

Scott Johnson is growing his California-based Podcast called The Grape State Sportcast!

6X6 Lacrosse helps develop and mentors lacrosse players in the Minneapolis, MN area!

Alex Kuhn helps people overcome obstacles and experience other types of  personal transformations.

Lars Wenas has a thriving Explicit Nutrition Business & Facebook Page

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