Goal Setting

Thank you For your Purchase and Download of The Backsliders Guide to Goal Setting. 

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In the book, we discuss Getting Clear, Organization, Taking Action, and Leading. Whether your goals are in business, health, relationships, financial, or with your hobbies – the process is still the same. Go through the steps and make it happen.

Getting Clear is absolutely imperative – if you don’t know where you are going, anyplace will do – is a phrase that rings true for all of us. You have to see it, and believe it in order to make it happen the way you want it to happen for you. I have seen absolute miracles happen by people who just decided to make the decision to see their goals through to the end – no matter what.

Getting yourself Organized and gathering your team and resources is a shortcut to making your goals and dreams happen faster for you. We can learn from others, we can become elevated and inspired by others who have been where we want to go. Team up!

Taking Massive Action is the HOW of your goal setting. I can’t express enough that there are multiple ways to achieve a single goal. When the intention is in focus, the mechanics will present themselves. The actions steps will show up and you MUST jump on the them. If one path isn’t working, decide if you want to stick with it or jump to another method. Either way, it’s going to happen for you.

Leadership, Giving, Trusting your knowledge in the hands of others is on of the best feeling a human being can have. Take what you have learned and share. Share it one-on-one, share it in groups, teach a class. The possibilities are endless. The world is waiting for your gifts.

You are creating your reality. When you truly grasp that, when you KNOW it in your core – your will realize your limitless abilities to do, be, have anything your heart desires.

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